After all the obstacles that stood in the way of holding the annual conference last year, this year's conference made it up for the lost one.

Pastors Kevork Tchaparian and Raffi Basmadjian from Lebanon and Pastor Torkom Garabedian from the USA joined Pastor David Matchoulian in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia for the conference, and together they did a very fruitful ministry about the “Victorious Life”.

Many bonds were created during those 3 days - from worship sessions to powerful teachings and edifying discussions - and the family of Christ left the conference victorious and much stronger and more unified than before.

Finally, the cold weather and freezing water didn’t hinder the baptism of the 4 young people, who declared their faith in Jesus and dedicated their lives to Him.

Click on this link for more photos:
Annual Retreat 2021 in Armenia

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